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Dr. Maksim Godovykh is leading international research projects on exploring the impacts of tourism development on the quality of life, health, and well-being of local communities. He is also working on developing new methods to measure customer experience in tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and public service. His research has been published in leading international journals and disseminated in books, encyclopedias, industry magazines, and news media. He has developed several governmental programs and organized over a hundred conferences, conventions, trade shows, forums, and workshops.

Research profiles

Recent publications

Current Issues in Tourism

Godovykh, M., Hacikara, A., Baker, C., Fyall, A., & Pizam, A. (2023). Measuring the perceived impacts of tourism: A scale development study. Current Issues in Tourism, 1-17.

Godovykh, M., Fyall, A., & Ridderstaat, J. (2023). The well-being impacts of tourism: Long-term and short-term effects of tourism development on residents’ happiness. Tourism Economics, 29(1), 137-156.

Tourism Economics

Godovykh, M. (2023). Tourism impacts: A guide to understanding, evaluating, and managing the positive and negative impacts of tourism development. Center for Tourism Impacts Research.

Godovykh, M., & Pizam, A. (2023). Measuring patient experience in healthcare. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 112, 103405.

International Journal of Hospitality Management

Godovykh, M., Back, R. M., Bufquin, D., Baker, C., & Park, J. Y. (2023). Peer-to-peer accommodation amid COVID-19: the effects of Airbnb cleanliness information on guests’ trust and behavioral intentions. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.


About Tourism Impacts Research Project
Customer Experience
Evaluating the impacts of tourism development
About Tourism Experimentation Platform


Tourism Impacts
Exploring the impacts of tourism development on residents’ quality of life, health, and well-being

Customer Experience
Developing new methods of measuring customer expereince in tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and public service

Hospitality Art Project
Exploring the effects of visual art attributes on guests’ emotions, attitudes, and visit intentions

Tourism Experimentation Platform
Pre-testing innovations, marketing tools, and sustainable practices before implementing any changes in real life using experimental design.


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