Leadership Experience


Infrastructural Hub. President. - Implemented the single-window system for business project support; - Developed and moderated the Business Marathon Educational Program (60 trainings for 2000 entrepreneurs) and the Real Business TV show (60 series, OTV).


The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises. Director. - Designed and organized the Business Support Satisfaction Survey. - Organized the Small Business Congress of Sverdlovsk region (800 participants); - Developed the Youth Entrepreneurship Development draft program.


State Duma of the Russian Federation. Head of Civic Youth Chamber.

- Developed the draft of the federal law "On State Youth Policy in the Russian Federation."


Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs JCI. President - Introduced non-monetary membership motivation program for JCI;

- Organized the Ten Outstanding Young People project in Russia.


AIESEC-Yekaterinburg. President

- Organized internship programs for economics students; - Organized Career Days for students and graduates with more than 50000 participants.

Organizer of the following events: Innovation Forums, Investment Forums, Infrustructure Forums, Business Development Forums, Venture Forums, Boatbuilding Development Forums, Career Days, Boat Shows, scientific conferences and many others. Received the Best Russian Business Event Award.

Максим Годовых Трансатлантика
VOLGA Boat Show
Максим Годовых на МБШ
Maksim Godovykh
SOCHI Yacht Show 14
Maksim Godovykh
Максим Годовых на Иннопром
VOLGA Boat Show
Инновационный Форум
Maxim Godovykh
Форум организаторов
Форум MIF
Максим Годовых Форум Яхтенной Индуст
Yacht Museum
Favorite quotes
When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you spend your time is extremely important.
So your emotional state really has a lot to do with what you're thinking about and what you're paying attention to.
                                         - Daniel Kahneman
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VOLGA boat show